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Easy Php Devserver 14.1 vc11 Free Php Server Program

Easy Php Devserver 14.1 vc11 Server package that provides your computer server property program. Program PHP, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyadmin package separately without having to sand once dry. In this way you can try on your own computer projects you are currently working. Easy Php Devserver 14.1 vc11 named suggests is a program very easy to use. Downloading the program and you are running after my kururl. At the bottom right of your computer icon appears. When you click the icon, you can access the properties of the come. When you click the local web part from the page may give a name to your project by clicking on the icon, you can create the database and PhpMyadmin. Easy Php Devserver 14.1 vc11 is very practical and will save you time. PHP and Apache running under a popular server program that is used by the upgrade exam. Also Easy Php Devserver 14.1 vc11 Drupal, Spip, Prestashop and WordPress, like Xdebug WebGrind, Manager, comes with Joomla content management systems. Categories: Servers, Webmaster Software The Operating System WINDOWS.

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Easy Php Devserver 14.1 Vc11


  • License : Free
  • Version : 14.1 vc11
  • Size : 25.3 MB
  • The Operating System :
  • The Operating System Version : XP/Vista/7/8
  • Manufacturer :
  • Updated Date : 2015-02-13